Crush Cinema

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This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.


Crush Cinema (Canada) is another place where habbofags can attempt to perform.


Cursh Cinema is located in the Public Rooms main menu.


Francisca is the NPC in this area.

Notable Features

  1. This place has a fountain that is infested with AIDS.
  2. This place has a long walkway where you can't see yourself till you get to the other end. If you stop halfway, none of the habbofags can see you, and therefore they won't know your there, but they also won't be able to get to the other side.

How to Close Crush Cinema

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

Crush Cinema is not too difficult.

  1. Entrance. 4 nigras in a line /b/locks the whole room.
  2. Stage entrance. One nigra here will cause lulz as habbofags can't reach their pixel stage. Oh noes!
Nigras on stage