MLK Day Raid 2008

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/b/rothas, this day shall be unlike any other day to go down in history.
This day, of all days, shall be known for the message we bring.
On this day, we shall let the United States of America,
No, we shall let the entire continent,
No, the entire world know this:
The pool aint neva open,
and I have a meme.

~ Tuck

(Also, to be fikst later.)


Various information that you need to know in preparation for the MLK raid on Habbo.


January 21th, 2008 6:01PM EST


Habbo USA Server

Additional Info

Visit: Poolsclosed for more information.

Important info for newfags: Habbo Hotel Info. Contains info on raiding strategy/technique, history, and other important information.

  • add any extra info on the raid here*


This section is for future use which will contain reviews, screen caps, etc...

Seriously, does anyone actually update this shit?

No, MLK day was fail. Mods b& all /b/ros on sight. -PzkfW

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