World AIDS Day Raid 2007

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Red ribbon, symbol of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day - we must unite against putting aids in pool.



1st December
Hour: 5PM EST




  • newfags acting like precum and still raiding


As usual, close pool, piss off habbofags, mods and make as much damage to hotel as possible.

  • First atack pools, then other popular rooms (especially dance floor and welcome lounge)
  • Spam shit related to aids
  • Don't dress like Zombie Irwin, he was killed by stingray, not by AIDS.
  • Use LOLTOAST's raid tool to spam room, wich lead to moar lags and win.
  • DO NOT RAID UNTIL SPECIFIED HOUR YOU NEWFAG! Many nigras logging to Habbo at the same time may cause serious lag.
  • Obey rules of the internet (Rule 1&2 newfag!)
  • Entering pool while it's lagged and crowded already is nonsense and waste of time, raid other rooms.
  • Mods put aids in pool
  • BOXGET around the main ladder, not in front of it. Getting in front of it does not work anymore.
  • Do proper SwastiGETs
  • It won't be as huge as Great Reunion but if we take USA (.com) hotel down, go for UK.

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Afroduck @ said:

"Obviously nigras have plenty of free time right now given all the myspace crap happening, so lets get the propaganda machine rolling for World AIDS Day.
We'll focus on the US server officially and let the extra spillover to other servers on its own. So what time do we start it this year? The usual 7PM EST we've been doing?
We also need sum raid posters of course. I'm working on one, and if CP or someone else with video skills can throw together a propaganda video in the next week or two that'd be extra win."

Propaganda Poster

Raid Poster


Win Gallery

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