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Whos dis?

CartmanTV is a internet tough guy who threatened us (srs business). He did this on YouTube in reply to a 2-26 Raid video by Dj801.

u fuck with my habbo i cut off your balls and put them up my ass


CartmanTV, 2-26-2010 Raid Video Comments


Within hours Dj managed to brute-force his password and messed with his YT account. He modified some shit, and spammed his comments. "The habbofags password was 5555. What a fucking retard. lulz" - Dj801


O lawds, "Companies: Let me ask my pimp"!

Suddenly Dicks Everywhere


Justin Beiber makes a joke

zzzzac1 uploaded a Epic WIN video on CartmanTV's account with Shocking Shit Image:lulzH4X.png

Picture not shown, it is a shock image.

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