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[[Image:Club_massiva_lounge_plan.png|framed|center|Emofag lounge.]]
[[Image:Club_massiva_lounge_plan.png|framed|center|Emofag lounge.]]
[[Category:Legacy Public Rooms (US)]]
[[Category:Legacy Public Rooms]]

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Lol clubs.

This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



Club Massiva is a gathering place for dancing habbofags, emofags and fake Bloodz and Cripz. The Lounge is now the only way to access the dance floor but is otherwise generally dull as fuck.


Club Massiva is located in Public Rooms -> Dance Clubs -> Club Massiva.


Bilbo and Marian.

Notable Features


How to Close Club Massiva Lounge

Moderate difficulty with decent lulz potential due to the dance floor only being accessible through here.

  1. The main entrance. Two rows of squares in front of the doorway will take you back out so the third row must be occupied.Requires 7 nigras and not usually worth it unless you have a lot of extras.
  2. Stairway to the dance floor. Only requires 4 nigras to produce lulz and bawww.
Emofag lounge.
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