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[[Image:HabboLido(Mexico)_directions.png|frame|right|HAY PACO!]]
[[Image:HabboLido(Mexico)_directions.png|frame|right|HAY PACO!]]
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[[Image:HabboLido(Mexico)_plan.png|thumb|962px|center|Mexican AIDS. Everywhar.]]
[[Image:HabboLido(Mexico)_plan.png|thumb|962px|center|Mexican AIDS. Everywhar.]]
[[Category:Public Rooms (Mexico)]]
[[Category:Legacy Public Rooms]]

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This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



HabboLido is the main pool of Habbo Mexico. It is mostly unmodified by the MODs and therefore easy to block. B&s seem to be a rare event. Expect to wait at least 5-20 minutes to actually get in at any given time of day.


Habbo Lido is located in Salas Públicas.


Virginia is the NPC native to this area. Little yet known but probably not a virgin.

Notable Features

There is a second half which often tends to be neglected. There is a duck statue which, with the help of a nigra, can be formed into Afroduck. There are also changing booths that can be blocked so that habbofags can't get into the booth to change, and therefore not be able to go in the pool in the first place.

How to Close The Pool

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

HabboLido is a crowded, unfaggotized pool to close.

  1. Entrance. Forming a wall here shuts off everything. Don't forget the back corner of the LemonAIDS stand. Requires 6 nigras.
  2. Duck statue. A nigra must stand behind it facing the bottom of the area to properly form Afroduck, the Lord of the Nigras. This role is the one time a nigra should not be dancing.
  3. The pool ladder. In Mexico you still only need a single nigra.
  4. The arch is the key /b/locking point to shut down the high dive section. This can be blocked with only 3 nigras.
  5. High dive landing pool. There is no point in blocking this one, as habbofags can still get out of it when being blocked, and no one can get into it except by diving.
  6. Yet another ladder. You know wut to do.
Mexican AIDS. Everywhar.
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