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RAID TOOLS: These can multiply the raiding power of a single nigra over nine thousand times. It's important that you use these.


LOLtoast's Raid Tool v7

Main Article: LOLToast's Raid Tool v7

Power level of single nigra has increased from over 9000 x EPIC LULZ to (over 9000 x EPIC LULZ)^MOAR LULZ image:raid tool v7.jpg

LOLtoasts' Raid Tool v7@poolsclosed.us

  • 12 Different F* buttons to assign. Of course, don't use "F5" as an assigned key.
  • Multiline Floods
  • Modifiable Flood Speed
  • Screenshot Button
  • Built in Nigra Radio
  • Mimic Function
    • Mess Up Option
  • Built in Nigra Suit Cursor Macro
  • Built in Room Tips
  • Mod Alert - Built in Mod Detector
  • Room Watch (Minimap) - Shows everyone on a minimap, lists names in a box.
  • Room Watch (Chatlog) - Logs all of the chat.
  • Room Watch (Nigra Icon) - Shows how many nigras are in the room.
  • Words Flooded/Mods Detected/Mimics Total Count
  • Moar Notifiers
  • Improved GUI
  • Improved Stability
  • Tons of options and other shit he forgot about.

Additional copypasta (from v5 and some other)

Download this file, unzip default.ini to *raid tool folder\data\ and start your raid tool.

LOLtoasts' Raid Tool v6

This is a new version to v5 of the LOLToast raid tool. It has tons of new lulzy featuers such as a mimic tool. It is also has a map of whatever room you are in so that you can see where your other /b/s are. You can download this epic tool at: http://files.filefront.com/LOLToasts+Raid+Tool+v6zip/;10901702;/fileinfo.html

V6 is expected to multiply the raiding power of a signle nigra from over 9000 to over 9000 x EPIC WINRAR

It was quickly replaced by the more efficent, v7.

LOLTOAST's Raid Tool v5

First one is LOLTOAST's Raid Tool v5 Image:5z7372w.jpg
Save as .rar and unrar. (you are failfag if you can't do this)
Mirror including extras to help avoid/bypass bans, etc: Habbo Raid Pack.zip


  • 5 Different F* buttons to assign.
  • F10 takes a screenshot
  • F12 does entire multiline floods.
  • Comes with Fresh Prince, Journey and Everyone Has Aids Lyrics
  • Multiple .ini files to load
  • Option to keep looping the flood
  • Option to have the flood be all caps
  • Mod Alert - Built in Mod Detector
  • Mod Alert - Built in Mod Leaving Detection
  • Mod Alert - Siren Plays (you can change what sound it makes by changing the .wav files)
  • Mod Alert - Message Pops Up
  • Mod Alert - Alerts Others In Room


If you ever encounter this error:,

You'll might need to download this: Raid Tool DLLS.rar Another thing you can try to do is copy the file, then paste it in the same place so it says "Copy of ----.exe". If it still doesn't work, then download the file.

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