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  • Don't use: / . or & in Article Titles
  • Always capitalize at least first word in titles unless it is something special that wouldn't be capitalized. ex: usernames
  • Be sure Categorize articles if necessary (Look at Table of Contents for a category tree).


A redirect is a page which has no content itself, but sends the reader to another article or page, usually from an alternative title. For example, if you type The Nigra Street Irregulars in the search box, you will be taken to the article Steam Group, with a note at the top of the page: "(Redirected from The Nigra Street Irregulars)". This is because the page The Nigra Street Irregulars has the wikitext #REDIRECT [[Steam Group]], which defines it as a redirect page and indicates the target article.


To upload a picture:

Go to and browse for the picture you want to upload.

You can't upload .bmp files:

  • If it is a elaborate picture, such as a real-life photo, turn it into a .jpg file and upload it.
  • If it is a simple picture, such as a screencap from Habbo, turn it into a .png file and upload it.

Then, if the filename to be different on Nigrapedia than the original filename, type it in the "Destination filename". Then, add a summary to the picture. Things to include in a summary:

  • Description of scene in picture.
  • Date taken.
  • Any other stuff...

To use a picture:

After you upload a picture, you will see that the title of the page you will be on will be, for example: Image:MOD-SolidState.JPG
To make this show up in an article, add [[ ]] to the edges of the "Image:MOD-SolidState.JPG". It should look like this: [[Image:MOD-SolidState.JPG]] while editing.

Once you finish doing this and completing the rest of your edit to add the picture, save the page and your picture should appear like this:

Adjusting pictures:

Using the last example, you can also choose where on the page you want to put the picture: left, right, or center. For example, to make a picture go to the right, make the image: [[Image:MOD-SolidState.JPG|right]]

To add a caption to a picture do this: [[Image:MOD-SolidState.JPG|left|frame|CAPTION HERE]]

Doing that, it should show up like this:



At the end of the article simply add [[Category:name here]], for example, if you're still not sure, [[Category:US MODs]]. Categorizing is essential if you can do it, but be sure to check for other categories.

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