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Naruto225 having fun with friends

This fag is real habbofag, not troll.

Personal Info

IP address

He goes to High school at Galena Park HS in Galena Park, TX

Personal info researched and confirmed by ReiClone88, Global Moderator of PC.

Capt Planet vs. AIDS

[20:58] iluvnaruto2225: hey 
[20:59] me: who are you 
[20:59] iluvnaruto2225: ur 1 of those guys who posted my info rite? 
[20:59] iluvnaruto2225: take it down 
[20:59] iluvnaruto2225: or else 
[20:59] me: I didn't post your info 
[20:59] me: or else what? 
[20:59] iluvnaruto2225: well 1 of u did 
[20:59] iluvnaruto2225: ill call the police 
[20:59] me: wasn't me 
[20:59] me: lol 
[21:00] me: what are you gonna call the police for 
[21:00] iluvnaruto2225: posting peoples info 
[21:00] me: for posting public info? 
[21:00] iluvnaruto2225: and also attackin websites 
[21:01]me: attacking what sites? 
[21:01] iluvnaruto2225: habbo 
[21:01] me: when never attacked habbo 
[21:01] iluvnaruto2225: u do it all the time 
[21:01] me: oh lol 
[21:02] iluvnaruto2225: u people need 2 grow up and stop attackin peoples websites 
[21:02] me: stop attacking? we haven't attacked any sites 
[21:02] me: we've only visted on habbo and blocked the pool  
[21:02] iluvnaruto2225: what about habbo? 
[21:02] iluvnaruto2225: r u that fuckin stupid 
[21:02] iluvnaruto2225: you attack habbo al the time 
[21:02] me: an attack would hacking or taking the site down completly 
[21:03] me: just blocking the pool and pissing you off isn't an attack 
[21:03] iluvnaruto2225: well what if i attacked ur site u'd be mad woudltn u 
[21:04] me: no, actually I would laugh my ass off 
[21:04] me: infact I dare you to 
[21:04] iluvnaruto2225: fine 
[21:05] me: just a fair waring though 
[21:05] me: by doing so we will only laugh at you, and you will only be causing more trouble for yourself 
[21:05] iluvnaruto2225: 1 of my friends hates u 2 ill get him to help me 
[21:05] me: do it faggot 
[21:05] iluvnaruto2225: hang on i gtg then im gonna get my friend 
[21:06] me: hahahaha 
[21:06] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
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