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This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



Star Lounge is a very popular room contained within Habbo US. It is large and also remains easier to /b/lockade.


Star Lounge is located in Public Rooms -> Dance Clubs.


Mut Mut is the NPC native to this area. She has become mentally retarded due to Habbo's cancer.

Notable Features

There is a small stage there, like Theatredome.

How to close Star Lounge

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

Star Lounge is one of the pleasantly easy areas to close off:

  1. The entrence only requires two nigras.
  2. The stage only requires one nigra.
  3. The back area requires three nigras. It is there to block, but isn't suggested unless people are already blocking the other parts.
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