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Do you think we should revive Nigrapedia and Pool's Closed?

Many raids are still occuring on Habbo. Most have been fails due to lack of promotion. Many new nigras have been joining raids, but we need to teach them how to behave properly and not act like newfags, and this wiki would be perfect for that. However, most of the info here is outdated by years, many changes have occured on Habbo, and barely anyone has been coming on here. So what do you think? Should we revive this wiki or not? - AfroduckIsAnHero

tl;dr: Maybe..

Pool's Closed is done and retired for exactly those reasons. We tried, and might have been able to keep things going longer but it just wasn't worth it. 47chan was taking over a lot of it and most veteran nigras had either moved on or were not able to give much time to the cause, so we chose to simply stop it there and preserve the legacy while it was still solid. It will not be coming back.

While the Nigrapedia is strongly linked to the site, it was left open so 47chan and others could continue organizing and updating/adding content about new raids. Nigras are welcome to keep using the Nigrapedia, though it might make sense to start a new wiki if there's a real desire to have an updated and active information center. Afroduck 07:59, 12 November 2012 (UTC)

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