World AIDS Day 2012

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Raid poster


When: December 1, 2012

Where: US Server (

Attire: Nigra

Time: 4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM GMT

47chan Thread

Propaganda Video


Raid duration: 5 hours (4-9 PM EST)

Number of nigras that were raiding: 35-40

Number of rooms raided: 9 rooms (the Picnic was raided twice and the Xmas Theater was raided 4 times)

Number of SwastiGETs formed: 1 (the only successful SwastiGET was at a practice room - another was almost formed in the Picnic room, but it was interrupted at the last second by a mod)

Number of mods that appeared during the raid: 1 (MOD-choremet)

Outfits used: Nigras, commies, white trash

Raid Summary

The thread on 4chan was made at 3:40 PM (20 minutes before the raid began). About 7 or 8 nigras came to the original base, named habbo mall (Nigra HQ), before the raid began. At the very beginning of the raid, there were barely any nigras (several nigras strangely disappeared from the "habbo mall" - they were not banned though). However, the amount of nigras started increasing, and they began raiding at about 4:30 PM ET. They first raid was at an empty Lido Pool Deck "for practice" but MOD-choremet came after about 5 minutes, and banned the nigras that stayed behind, causing the group to lose several nigras when the raid was barely starting. Next, a few nigras went to the Habbo General Hospital, but not many could come in, because the room was full. A small group of nigras, led by KonyisBestPony, moved to the Habbo Airport, and blocked there for hours, which caused great lulz. The main group then went to the Picnic room, where a SwastiGET was almost formed, but it was interrupted when MOD-choremet showed up at the Picnic room. The nigras went back to the HQ base. Some went to a Teen Party room, while others went to the wedding chapel, where they were kicked out extremely fast by the owner, who was present in the room. Some nigras tried going into the White House, but were almost instantly banned from going into the room by the room's owner.

The nigras then completely took over a McDonald's room, but after 10 minutes, the nigras got bored and went to the Indoor Swimming Pool, where they spent 20 minutes raiding before a mod came into the room and banned all of the nigras there. The nigras regrouped at a new base, changed to commie outfits, then raided the Xmas Theater. Yet again, they were able to raid for 10 minutes, but a mod came and banned everyone. The nigras regrouped yet again in a different base room, dressing up as trailer trash people, but strangely, MOD-choremet was able to enter into the base, disguised as a nigra, and banned everyone there. Everyone raided the picnic again dressed as trailer trash, but the mod came and banned everyone AGAIN. After the picnic raid, the remaining nigras went to raid the beach, but we didn't have enough troops and it failed hard.

The raid started dying at 8 PM EST. About 8:30 PM, there was only a small group left and they went to the Xmas Theatre for a "Everything or nothing" raid where they waited for a mod to ban them and end the raid. This lasted until 9:00 PM EST, then all the nigras were banned and it all ended.

Raid Rating


Very messy, most of the raiders were newfags, mixed with a few experienced and veteran nigras, and led by experienced nigras. Not many nigras showed up, in comparison to the 11-08-12 and 7-12-2012 raids. There was only 1 complete (practice) SwastiGET, but it looked like shit, and another one got interrupted by a mod. There was not enough spam either, clearly only a 10% or 15% of the raiders were using LOLToast's Raid Tool v7 to spam. Not many listened to the raid's leaders when they said there was a mod in the room, and they were subsequently banned.

Many reckless newfags did not want to dress up as Nigras or even try to form SwastiGETs, therefore the raid ended up in a half assed attempt. Strangely enough, MOD-chromet seemed to be the only active Habbo moderator that day, and drischi, who was first mod expected for being dressed as a nigra, never showed up.

There were also many cases of Adobe Flash crashing for the nigras, and some being forced to close their browsers or even reboot their PCs, and therefore, losing contact with the main group. The "ring bell to enter" system did not work as expected, because too many raiders were trying to enter.



KonyIsBestPony's raid gallery


YouTube - World AIDS Day 2012 highlights