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When: December 15, 2012.

Where: US Server (Habbo.com)

Attire: Regular Nigra outfit.

Time: 4:00 PM EST

47chan thread

/b/ thread (PDF archive)

Raid Summary

The pre-raid organization was much better than the World AIDS Day 2012 raid. The /b/ thread was created about 3:00 PM EST, 1 hour before the raid. Nigras started arriving in a matter of seconds. Some habbofags tried to get into the HQ, like one who spawned an unicorn pet in the middle of the HQ room, he was kicked out shortly after. There was a habbofag named Cloudius who was trying to give orders as he sat in a chair. He also was, ironically, calling everyone newfags and telling AIDS-proof Nigras to "stop using accesories" when the AIDS proof attire has always been present in every raid. Clearly, the only newfag there was himself.

After about 50 minutes, the HQ room contained over 40 nigras, many were already claiming this raid would be epic. Unfortunately, the ill-fated nigras were wrong. The raiders decided they would hit the Xmas Welcome Lounge, at 4:00 PM EST everyone went there. The raid started going down the shitter when MOD-Jumoridet came in and started banning, just about 3 minutes after the Welcome Lounge raid had started. This racist mod tormented the nigras during the entire raid. Many suspect MOD-Jumoridet was not only lurking the /b/ thread, but he was at the IRC itself. The raiders went back to the HQ, to regroup, but Jumoridet dressed himself as a Nigra, waited at the entrance of the HQ and banned anyone coming in. Acekfchunter made a new HQ ("habbobeach") and the nigras moved in there. Then they decided to raid the Airport, but again, the raid only lasted a couple of minutes before MOD-Jumoridet showed up and banned them. This mod was stalking nigras non-stop, like a Terminator. In the words of a fellow brother "The ban hammer struck down hard on the Habbo Negro community today"

Jumoridet's amount of racism was overwhelming, he was banning nigras who literally weren't doing anything. He moved on from HQ to HQ, banning everyone on sight. Next, various nigras made several HQs, scavenging in small groups trying to regroup. The raid just went on like this, raiders trying to gather but Jumoridet entering the HQs and banning everyone. Nigras eventually gave up and the raid died about 6:00 PM EST.


The pre-raid was great. The main raid was good for about 3 minutes, then it went to shit when the robot-like MOD-Juvorinet spammed bans constantly on every single nigra. And he went through every HQ made, back and forth, looking for nigras to ban. This isn't an exaggeration, by the way. No SwastiGETs were completed, nor attempted because the MOD was really fast, but there was definitely more spam than the World AIDS Day 2012 raid.


Gallery **Coming soon**