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Delphinus is either ex-community staff for or current undercover staff. Notice he has the '100% true habbo badge' you can see that his homepage is glitched as it says his habbo was created on "July 10, 2011" see Delphinus's homepage by going here. Delphinus looks and behaves exactly like MOD-frankenztein, see more about MOD-frankenztein by going here.

Delphinus used to ban nigras by the second, as community staff (head of the moderators) he made it mandatory that all nigras were permanently banned on site. He often uses undercover accounts and is no longer staff on Delphinus. One of these undercover accounts was drift1010, find drift1010's homepage and spam his guestbook by going here.

He may no longer be staff on Delphinus, however he is still working for under the account Grecian9 go to his homepage and spam his guestbook by going here.

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