General Advice for A Good Raid

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Just another guide for nigras who want to develop their raiding skills.


An example of a raid poster

Spread the word. Every extra brother we get counts. The bigger the number the more lulz. Post the raid posters all over the internet, image hosting sites, forums, other chans. Be aware, this will cause some rage, especially when you post it on other chans. Make promotional videos and post them on youtube as a video response to popular habbo videos. Copy and paste the text propaganda into pastebin, pastie, etc. Quickly make blog with only 1 post about the raid. So hopefully all of this spam will get indexed by Google and after enough hits it'll reach to the top.

IRC Channel

Being in the IRC channel is vital for a great coordination. When the raid starts, in the middle of chaos and bans, some raiders get lost, others leave or don't know where else to raid. These issues can be avoided if you stay in the IRC channel. Of course, reading the thread will also help. #47chan If you don't have an IRC client, use the web link

Habbo Registration

Don't create a fake email. I repeat do not create a fake mail. Habbo does not check if the email is legit or not. If you get banned all you have to do is sign up again, they don't IP ban either. For the email, type anything quickly and add The password must have a minimum of 6 characters with numbers and letters, type something like 12345x, then for birth date put something like 15-18 years old. Accept the ToS. For the captcha, only one word is the actual captcha, the other one is a fake. Type the real captcha and one random number/letter. Now you must change your name and dress up as a Nigra. For your Habbo username use something offensive or ironic, mock the moderators/habbofags, etc. If you get banned, you can create a new account quickly. All you have to do is put ANY email you want, and for birth date, put December 31, 1900. You MUST put December 31, 1900 as your birth date, or this will not work. Nigras.png

Mods in our HQ

Often a moderator will get into the HQ and start banning brothers. If you see a mod there, there's no point in staying, soon or late you'll get the ban, so leave the room.


LOLToast's Raid Tool is half broken, but the spam function can still be used correctly. Note that once you hit the hotkey, spam will start and won't stop until the text ends or you click that little red button on the Raid Tool icon. Protip: Do not alt-tab to another window while spamming or your computer will receive all the spam input and start doing random shit


Using multiple Habbo accounts

This is one of the best things to do. Lets say you have 10 nigras connected, and each one opens up 2 more Habbo windows, we would get a total of 30 nigras. To do it, sign in into Habbo, and get online (be in a room), clean your cache and cookies, open a new tab and sign up again. Please note that each Habbo window uses a plenty of memory.

--Update-- I made some tests and managed to get up to 8 nigras online, right before my Adobe Flash plugin crashed, using Firefox + MemoryFox plugin and manually deleting the cookies. The accounts were NOT banned, that means nobody is checking if someone is using multiple accounts. So if you have some time and patience, you can probably load up to 10 or maybe even 20 Habbo accounts from the same computer. This can be extremely useful, and has potential to create some HUGE raids.

Calling for /b/lackup

There should be a thread on /b/ (4chan's) It will always get some backup. For big raids, the support from /b/ is vital and the thread must be kept on the front page constantly for all the anons to notice it.


The pre-raid moments can determine how good or bad the raid will go. To not catch the attention of the mods and rats, a good idea would be to not get into the attire and look/act like normal habbofags until some moments (a couple of minutes) before the raid.


Anons who raid too early (can range from minutes to hours before it begins) are called "earlyfags" These traitors must be eliminated ASAP. It usually works to go dressed as a habbofag and report them, a mod will come and either ban them or they'll leave after getting bored. Earlyfags are either trolls, mostly from /b/ or actual newfags who got the time wrong.


Raid in progress

Once it's time and shit hits the fan, all the nigros will charge and move to the target room. Go with them. Number 1 thing to do when you arrive is spam. Spam constantly. And don't just stand there. Try to form SwastiGETs. If it's impossible then walk and dance around. Walking and dancing is visually much more shocking than just standing there, especially when the number of nigras is high. Habbo NPCs respond to some words (Sulake, hi, coins). Spamming them repeatedly can cause lag. A room full of nigras raiding will start to slow down. Certain spots can still be blocked. The airport can be blocked with just 3 nigras and create a huge shitstorm. With many nigras, multiple locations are raided at the same time, it gives the mods much more work.

Bans and post-ban moments

If you notice that your brothers are suddenly disappearing, run. They're getting banned. Escape the mods and either move to the next target or go back to the HQ. This is another important part, to be able to successfully regroup so the raid keeps flowing. Many raiders quit after the first ban, don't fucking leave if you get banned. You should make a new account quickly and keep reading the thread / IRC to see where everyone is going. The raid will continue.