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The Habbo Client is the browser window that pops up that has the actual "Hotel" in it, which all the rooms to raid. In other words, it is where you go after click the green rectangle

Old Habbo Client

The old Habbo Client was run by Adobe Shockwave, but this client no longer exists, and was replaced with the new, Adobe Flash-powered Client.

New Habbo Client

Habbo Hotel has recently unveiled a public beta for their revamped client. It is now run on Adobe Flash Player. Most of the major changes are just habbofag-related shit, but more relative changes are shown below. You used to be able to have the option of going to the Old Client and the New Client, but now only the New Client is available.

Known changes:

  • Completely new layout and room navigation.
  • It runs in Flash instead of Shockwave for better speed. Room loading has indeed sped up as has the interface and menus. Rendering/animation is MUCH smoother, making a dancing nigra all the more epic. However, there seems to be a slower reaction time on the new client when clicking places for your character to go.
  • Has resulted in a number of rooms going missing as they recode.
  • Doesn't allow for automatic shouting. You have to hold down Shift while pressing Return otherwise it only comes out as normal text. This also makes the Raid Tool tricky to use, since you have to constantly hold down the Shift key to use it, and all lowercase symbols like apostrophes ('), periods (.), and hyphens (-) become carrots (<>) and underscores (_).
  • Doesn't allow you to accidentally kick yourself through clicking on certain floor tiles, so you can't accidentally kick yourself when trying to block.
  • Copy & Paste spamming method actually works for now. (Oh hell yeah!)


Loading screen
List of public rooms/front menu screen
List of private/user rooms
The room interface complete with gay cartoon text bubble.

Habbo's info on Beta