Habbo Club

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As you can see, there are no black people in this ad. Obviously, Habbo only wants whites to become HC.


Habbo Club is a group of people that waste their money on "HC Only" virtual clothes, virtual rooms, and virtual furniture. A habbofag would literally kill their family and all their friends just to become one of these people.

How a Nigra gets lulz from it.

Whenever Habbo does give you 5 coins on holidays like Easter & Christmas, you need to combine those coins to get 20 coins to buy membership to the Habbo Club. Next, on a crowded day, go to the "HC only" public rooms, go to the Wobble Squabble there, and block the ladder (If you have 2 HC Nigras, try blocking the entrance. Other HC Habbofags will get really pissed off and say things like "NOOOO YOU ARNET SUPOSD TO B HERE!!!1111", which translates to "Why are you here? You aren't supposed to be able to get in here!!!"

In short, make your nigra HC, block the HC pool, and get epic lulz.