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File:High dive pool deck directions.png
There be the Canadia pool.

This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



High Dive Pool Deck is the ever important location of Habbo Canada's main pool. Unlike the U.S. Habbo Hotel, this pool remains fairly simple to close.


Habbosphere Pool Deck is located in Public Rooms.


ChloƩ Dharma is the NPC native to this area. Has danger potential on par with Janis.

Notable Features

It appears as of 18 July 2009, entering any area related to the High Dive Pool Deck automatically puts you in your bathing suit. Although its not a problem to change back into standard nigra attire, it does mean anyone trying to close the high dive section will only be able to do so in a bathing suit. It appears this is a last-ditch effort from the mods to prevent afro-suits from closing the pool. Requests for help about this from the mods are ignored, lending support to this theory.

How to Close The Pool

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

Habbosphere Pool Deck is one of the most difficult yet certainly the most flexible and interesting to close off.

  1. Entrance. Needs a wall aligned to the front corner of ChloƩ's Dharma's LemonAIDS stand as well as one in the diagonal space between the left side of the screen and the back corner of her stand.
  2. Duck statue. A nigra must stand behind it facing the bottom of the area to properly form Afroduck. This role is the one time a nigra should not be dancing.
  3. The pool ladder. In Canada, pool is closed by one nigra.
  4. Due to recent changes forcing bathing suits on nigras entering the high dive area, the arch is now the key /b/locking point to shut down that section. Simplest method is two in the archway, one in the corner between the end of the arch and the pool.
  5. The most crucial pool ladder in the high dive section. The pool in the other section can be accessed through here.
  6. High dive landing pool. /b/lock for good measure, though habbofags rarely get in this one.
  7. Yet another ladder. Moar likely habbofags will try to get through here.
Fucking AIDS. In bags.
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