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When: November 9-15, 2008
Where: Habbo US -
Targets: Habbo gangs and armies.

This raid is a full week long. Whenever you have the chance, you participate. The goal is to annoy, torture, infiltrate and generally troll the various gangs and armies running around Habbo. This includes the wannabe crips and bloods as well as places such as Hogwarts. Gather together nigras or venture in on your own. You have an entire week, any time of day, so go for da lulz.

  • Virtual gangs and armies to raid can be found within: Guest Rooms -> [Groups].
  • Places like Hogwarts can be found within: Guest Rooms -> [RPG].

Since the raiding targets are Guest Rooms, that means that if the owner of the guest room is in there at the time that you are raiding, you can be kicked and b& from that room. Now, if the owner isn't there, but someone with 'rights' is there, you can still be kicked, but not b& from the room. If you are just kicked, be sure to come back into the room for more lulz. PROTIP: When you are constantly being kicked over and over again from a room, put your Raid Tool on so that it can quickly still say a line or two before they kick you again.

Now, if the owner isn't there, and no one with 'rights' are there, then you can have some epic lulz:

  • Block the entrence to the guest room if possible (It will only need one person to block in most cases).
  • Continue to annoy the shit out of the habbofags.
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