MLK Day Raid 2010

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He DOES approve of your actions, no matter what the mods say!

MLK Day Raid:

When: January 18th 2010.

Where: US Server ( ONLY!

Attire: Regular nigra attire.

Time/Login: (6:01 PM EST, 11:01 GMT)


Media And Log


Videos of Raid:

Thanks to those that took pictures and videos! You are a great help!

Gallery of Pre-Raid Pictures: (click to enlarge)

Gallery of Raid Pictures: (click to enlarge)

In the end...

SwastiGETs Failed: 3

Completed SwastiGETs: 2

Accounts Banned: About 150 or more

Nigras/Communists participated: About 100 as of 5 PM at our best, excluding the 100 or so banned earlyfags

Public room raided: 8

Mods spotted: 3 (MOD-Glibber, MOD-frankenztein and MOD-TabiAlthea)

Closed the Hotel?: No

Overall: Fail

Description: Earlyfags started raiding at 7 AM EST (many hours before the raid begun) and they were raiding up until 4 PM EST. Earlyfags were the majority of the nigras, and once we started raiding (an hour before the set time) all the earlyfags were b& and we had very few nigras left due to constant Nigra HQ b&s (we migrated into several different rooms dressed as habbofags to avoid suspicion but every 15 minutes or so the mods would come (most of the time they believed we were INNOCENT HABBOFAGGOTS, but poor nigras couldn't find the new HQ since they were labeled different things to escape modfaggotry and were b&)). We finally said fuck it and moved out, having around 100 nigras. A maximum of 8 rooms were raided, but mods kept coming and banning us so we moved to another room and abandoned the one we were just in. Very few people spammed. At 6 the nigras just gave up, declaring this an epic fail.