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MODs ( The assholes of habbo )

They are assholes of habbo. The evil ones who ban you for being black. The only way to stop it is to show them the power of anonymous and basically close the hotel down. A MOD will probably be the last thing your nigra sees.

So who are the MODs?

Moderators will have a MOD- prefix at the beginning of the name (hence the common capitalization of the term), but Staff have normal looking usernames, but can still ban you. TRUST NO ONE BUT YOUR FELLOW NIGRA.

Oh okay. But why they ban for being black. It's make no sense

It's because they are complete habbo fags, assholes and racists.

Okay. But what should i say if i see one

Humiliate the shit out of them. Call them racists, Shout their name and tell them that they are pissing in an ocean of fire. Basically raid the shit out of them so they hate their life.

If they mute the room then?

Use your brain for fucking sake. When they mute a room, they are still unable to mute the "chat" feature. Go "friend request" habboefags and then continue to annoy the crap out of them.

Why you do this to the mods?

They are fucking racists.

Other notes

Yeah rape them and raid the shit out of them. Also, if you are willing get your account b&, then it is always lulz inducing to spam habbo's alerting tool. This is especially useful on big raids.

MOD Lists



Canada MODs

Australia MODs

Mexico MODs

Germany MODs

Belgium MODs

Complete MOD List

For a complete list of MODs and Staff in alphabetical order from every country (except Japan), please see the article MOD List. The bolded MOD names are the MODs that are in Habbo US, UK, AU, or CA, which means they will be detected with LOLToast's Raid Tool.

Note: List is incomplete as of right now, but will be complete soon

Other Notes

Please note that some MODs may have the same name as MODs in different countries. This is not an error. To make sure a MOD is at a certain country also make sure they have a home page.


If it says "Page not Found" (different from "Page not available"), this means that this MOD in this server does not exist. If you are 100% sure there is a MOD that has not been listed, please add it to the list.

Also, make sure you add any new names to the LOLToast's raid tool's list.

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