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Newfag raiding:

Hello, first, it is okay that you are a newfag. We all were at one point. You don't have to lie, you won't impress anybody (this is the internet). Oh, and by the way, DON'T SHOW UP EARLY. I shall try to be brief, as I know you have a small attention span.

What to wear:

You are nigra. That means you must put on a brown/black puffy 'fro, a business suit set to the color white, the first option for pants and shoes (set to black). It is rare, but sometimes mods will give auto-bans to nigras. If you find this is the case you should put on a doctors mask (found under mustaches) and 3D glasses (found under glasses). If you don't understand the joke, it is a AIDS Mask, and Boku (I say 'boku' and not desu because it resembles Souseiseki, herp) Glasses. Don't do anything else.

How to block:

Habbo has changed the way to block, it is their “brilliant” idea. You CAN NOT block directly anymore (standing in front of a door), now you must either directly form a clusterfuck around it, or you can form a box around it. A box requires less nigras, but is hard to put together. If you are not blocking a doorway, but stairs, a hallway, or something similar, you can just directly form a line.

Update: See the update section

How to block the pool:

You must form a box around the ladder, a line from the snacks cart to metal fence on the left and the stone wall on the right, and you must also form a vertical line to block off the right side dressing room.


1.Form a cross as a base

2.Form the top

3.Form the left

4.Form the right

5.Form the bottom

You now have yourself a swastika! Remember, make each wing have the same number of nigras, form it EXACTLY how I told you to, and don't move!

The raid tool:

Download here:

Notes: The auto-nigra does not work ingame (make them manually), the mod-detector no longer works, so that means the useless room-watch and the useful autotyper are the only things that work.

The autotyper does what it says- it types. You can enter your own copypasta and bind it to a F key (remember, don't use F5), press it in-game and it will copy-paste what you said into the game. Spam will slow down, and potentially crash Habbo, so type up some good spam (desu spam works best) and press the macro button at the top, select loop flood, press apply, go back, and press the button in game to spam!

Rules 1 and 2:

4chan,, or any other allies are not responsible for the raid (wink, wink, nudge nudge). Ebaums did the raid then blamed 4chan on it (wink, wink). If you don't get it, just think, DO YOU WANT HABBOFAGS ON YOUR 4CHAN? THEY MIGHT STAY FOR A WHILE, MAYBE LONGER!

Alternatively, you can also mention 9gag or FunnyJunk instead of Ebaums.

When to show up:

When the raid begins, or later. DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY! If you show up early you will attract mods and ruin the raid. A couple of earlyfags will RUIN the room they are in. It will then be typical for the earlyfag to move to another room. The earlyfags will spread out and attract mods. THIS WILL RUIN THE RAID. Seriously! Fun for hundreds, maybe thousands, just ruined by about 10 guys showing up early! Doubt it? Well look up MLK Day Raid 2010 on the nigrapedia. If you don't understand the EST timezone (our default) just google it, but we will also have countdown timers, just click the time link. DON'T FUCKING DO IT WRONG THIS TIME.

Where to show up:

Depends on the raid, check the nigrapedia article for details

Communication between raiders:

or IRC

How can I help:

The raid's nigrapedia articles should have a 'How you can help' or something similar section. Please check that for information.


Habbo has made it so you can no longer block. This is ok. We just need to clusterfuck in each room to confuse people. Try to get /b/'s attention (by this I mean ACTUALLY MAKING 4CHAN THREADS THAT LINK TO THIS AND GIVE INFO). This will scare off habbofags.


  • SwastiGET only when the whole room is blocked.
  • If you find yourself alone, radio up 4chan, call for some /b/lackup
  • Hit the right server! If the raid isn't on Habbo US, don't go to Habbo US...
  • Don't stop! Even if a server crashes, hit another, or wait for it to go back up!
  • Don't swear. No really. If you do it will attract mods. Test out ways to get around the wordfilters privately.
  • Try to listen to your /b/rethren
  • Remember, there is ALWAYS time to LURK MOAR!
  • /b/ sucked 7 years ago, and it sucks today (same thing applies to EVERYTHING Internet related)! Alternatively, things were epic then and epic today. Whichever best fits you.