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Excuse I, mon.

Once the creative door was opened by creating the Communist, new versions have popped up on occasion. One of these is the Rasta Man. He wears a rasta cap and helps along with his nigra and Commie friends. His laid-back apperance disguises the fact that he is just as strong as any other nigra, with the added benifit of lulz. He should not really be used for the main raids, but certain ones like 4-20-2010.

Creating Rastaman

Use the reference images to help. Here's a step-by-step guide so that you do it right.

  • Give him the sleepy-eyed head (second row, second head). Give him a dark skin tone, but slightly lighter than the standard nigra skin tone.
  • Set hair to the default black male hair, then give him a rasta cap under 'Hats' (it should be the first hat there, looks like a colorful afro). Under facial hair, give him the first choice - a little goatee.
  • Under shirts, choose the short-sleeved shirt that's open at the top. Make it red-orange. Medallions are optional.
  • Next, give him olive-green or brown shorts.
  • Lastly, give him brown sandals to finish off the ensemble.

Perfect! He's now ready to smoke up a couple of doobies packed with Nigra Weed.

A Rasta Man compared to two typical Nigras.
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