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Second Life is a huge virtual pile of shit laid by a company named Linden Labs where a bunch of losers decided to construct e-houses. Linden Labs then had the balls to charge people for their little slices of shit, which somehow went OK with the "residents". Furries quickly moved in to try to yiff the flies, and more furries moved in to yiff the furries who were already there. AIDS had come to Second Life.

Fellow Nigras In SL

It's better to know your fellow nigra in Second Life because together we can maximise lulz, harrass furfags and bring chaos to another area of the interwebs with afro'd abandon.

Muffins Gant

A collosal bearded nigra who looks like a cross between Uncle Remus and God. His buttocks are ebony towers of scalding hatred, his shins layered with the skin of a million dead furries, his very presence can crash a sim in a matter of seconds and he's a cheeky bastard. Preferred haunts are sex related sims where Mr Gant can be found raping those foolish enough to be turned on by watching pixels have sex. Muffins Gant is also a film director and operates 'Gant Pickle Industries' from his basement mansion.

Raid Targets

These are some of the fags you want to annoy. List is outdated:


  • Lorrey - Run by a failing businessman named IntLibber Brautigan (aka IntBlubber), who thinks that crashing sims is illegal and that nigras should be sent to the partyv&. Has more recently been suspected of actually supporting griefers and selling them landz. When his account isn't being pwned by LL.
  • Ravenglass - Operated by a crazy catlady who was a former UN ambassador but now sells e-land and writes long boring posts about all the bad mean people in her e-life.


  • FurNation - A fuckload of sims infested and dedicated to furries.
  • Growl 1 - Situated in the middle of a bunch of other furfaggot sims
  • NorthStar - Worst of the furfaggot sims