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Many become confused about this game, although it is clearly a game about Sherwood Forest, where is Robin Hood? Little do the players know that AIDS has taken him - Nevar Forget. After this the Spartans were sent in to cleanse the AIDS and stop the growth of faggot trees in the Forest. Generally the game is filled with 8 year old faggots, who insist on making retarded clans or groups, attacking their group leader and totally massacring them results in lulz.

Why Raid?

  • 100% Free.
    • NO MODS
    • Absolutely no swearing filter.
    • Standard nigra attire may not be available but there is the Spartan look.
    • Ruining faggots clans or guilds is hilarious.

How to Raid

Most importantly, Here is the link to the game. When you play the look is simple, The Knight with the Spartan helmet with green colored armor. It is important that you are green, because you can only attack those who are a different color to you, and as many people aren't green it gives you a greater range of faggots to attack. When you play make sure you are on the Emerald Server, most raids will start in chatroom 2, so type /join2. When you begin you will be weak, and won't be able to kill shit, lucky for you there is a pre-made level 18 nigra available here - courtesy of LOLToast. Works only with Windows Then:

  • Select the driver you are using and your Windows user account name
    • Save your current data to slot 1(Sherwood cannot be running when you do this)
    • Load the nigra save for LOLTOASTs level 18 nigra
    • Next time you are in the game change to the normal Spartan.

You now have a strong Spartan and in less than what? 15 minutes?


Download this This program is called Cheat Engine it will give you hax for Sherwood for many things.

Stealing the Jew's gold from right under their big nose

  • Load up Sherwood and Cheat Engine
    • Click on the top icon, in the left corner, which will let you pick a program to cheat with.
    • Select firefox.exe or iexplorer.exe depending on your browser (If you use IE you're a fag) If you use Opera look for Opera.exe
    • Search for your amount of gold on the 4 byte type.
    • If it comes up with more than one result change your gold by buying something from the merchant or finding some more then enter the new amount and hit next search.
    • Repeat until you get the correct amount
    • When you have the correct amount double click it and change it to how ever many you want
    • Then buy all the best stuff

If you close cheat engine the money will stay but you will need to do this again should you need to top up.

Potion Hack

  • Get on Cheat engine connect to your browser
    • Search for your amount of potions
    • If there are too many results drink one and put the new value in and click next search
    • Repeat until you get one
    • Change value to something ridiculous

NOTE Potions only work in the dungeon which is retarded

Maximum Lulz

Although you may have unbeatable nigras, by using these hax, killing the faggots and ruining their clans won't achieve full lulz potential. In order to achieve maximum lulz use LOLToast's raid tool to spam the chat and take full advantage of the absence of the word filter.


If you did it right, you will look like this.
  • Click on the icon of an armored knight.
  • Change helmet to a Spartan Warrior's helmet.
  • Change color to green.
  •  ???

Notable Fags

Rebel-Leader and his group of merry fags.

"The Rebels of Sherwood" more commonly known as The Ass Bandits of Sherwood are one of the many groups that have tried to form a clan on this game. They have the habit of popping up every time the nigras try to cleanse the forest of aids. Lulz is obtained when this group of ten year olds try to take on the nigras only to end up being slaughtered and raped. After the first round of rape and slaughter they usually start bawwwwing and yelling "OMG U SPEED HAXX0R FITE ME 1 ON 1 N00000B!". The notable lulz came when the leader of these ass bandits was doing his typical act of yelling how much stronger he was then the nigras and running away when a single nigra came close to him. Quickly the nigras thought of a way to milk this lulz cow. In sherwood you can change your name at anytime in the game if you log out. So all the nigras changed their name to Rebel-Leader and started shouting orders. The real Rebel-Leader quickly became butthurt and started to yell "I'm Rebel-Leader!" Which the nigras quickly repeated. This finally lead to mass butthurt and forced Rebel-Leader to run of crying.

  • Other notable things the nigras have done to the Rebels
    • Caused the only female member to leave after yelling "GB2/KITCHEN" over 9001 times
    • Cause a few members to leave the clan after the nigras found the Rebel's site. The site only had a guestbook and you could sign it with what ever name you wanted to. The nigra's went on under Rebel-Leader's name and told everyone he was shutting down the clan.
    • Spammed the guestbook into oblivion

Moar fags

Lol Done

Due to the lulz wearing out Sherwood raids have officially been ended. It was sum good times though.