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(Feel free to add to the list)

Meatspin network

Lemonparty network

Note: You can now trick twice as many people as you could before, by creating fake links with the sites above
For example: (.html, .jpg, .exe) etc.
ANY file name or file extension will redirect to the main site. Be creative! Customize your link to something you think your victim would click.
Also ** wurks Two redirects to are and

The best way to achieve win is to spam these URLs while shouting that there are benefits for those visiting them (i.e. free Habbo coins, free furni, etc).

LOLShock network

Masking shock sites

Even m0ar win
Go to, click Quick Url enter domain name, for example habbohackers and enter sum shock/keylogger filled site. It'll come with smthing like that

your password for changes is c1729 ,

your long url can be reached via these url-variants:


Password is for changing where domain should point.
As you can see serious lulz might be done that way.

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