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Getting started in this game is not as simple as most MMOs or console RPGs. People are likely to kill you randomly in some towns (I've been killed withint 5 seconds of initial spawn) and if you go out to fight random monsters you'll spend a lot of time dying. Any time you die you lose ALL your stuff currently on you, including jewgolds. So how's a nigra supposed to get somewhere in this crummy desert?

Shovel shit. Literally. Easy, quick money, though a little boring.

  • Get to a town, preferably a "safe" one with guards. 'The Hub' is one such town.
  • Find the local Brahmin trader. He's usually near one of the corrals. Talk to him.
  • Ask about jobs and then borrow a shovel.
  • Start walking around until you see a weird blob of stuff on the ground. Not uncommonly near one of the cows. Hovering the cursor over it will usually say "Brahmin shit".
  • Left-click and hold on the pile of shit, then select the icon that looks like a backpack. This is the "use item on object" command.
  • You'll see your inventory. Click on the shovel and you'll automatically scoop up the shit and get 10 exp.
  • When you get tired of doing this for a while return to the Brahmin trader and talk to him again. There'll be a new option about cleaning his pen or something similar. Select that and you get paid. It's about $10 per pile of shit, and there's usually a lot, so it adds up fast.

Once you have a couple hundred in jewgolds, locate the bank and open an account. Put your money in it and it's now safe, even if you die or get robbed. Continue repeating as desired and eventually you can buy some weapons and other useful stuff. It's recommended you get a couple thousand in monies which will gain you the first couple levels in the process, then leave it in the bank for now.

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