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Hai guize. I was recruited off of YouTube by User:Zzzzac1--he's a pretty awesome bloke. I'd wanted to be a nigra for ages, but I never knew how to get in contact with you guys until his help (seriously, trying to find the nigras is like trying to find the picture of the black man in those You Will Shit Bricks pics). By the way, I even have a "Pool's Closed" poster up on my wall for epic lulz whenever someone walks into my room.

Nigra activities

The first raid I partisipated in was the EPIC 2-26-2010 small lulz raid, and I now have some good experience with raiding and using the various new tools and tactics (I got to be Afroduck and be in a SwastiGET).

Here's the avatar I usually use as a nigra: Image:Goldberg1337 the nigra.png. Note the mustache, trying to be completely accurate to the image of the Pool's Closed guy.

Working with User:Zzzzac1 I suggested the new Der Fuehrer apperance for use in the upcoming 4-20-2010 raid (since it's not only pot day but also Hitler's birthday). I also made up a few new appearances and charts and stuff, but most of them were a bunch of faggotry lol, since only nigras are completely filled with lulz and win.


Yeah, this isn't my first username on here, but I wanted to use the name of my new JewTube account, JohnShaft1337, not my main YT account. I chose John Shaft because he's a pretty dope nigra, and the king of Blackploitation movies. Plus, I like to use that name for my Habbot accounts. The 1337 is for obvious reasons, and because I couldn't get a YouTube account called JohnShaft or JohnShaft13.

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