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This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



Wobble Squabble contains the second-most important pool in the hotel. It is also just about the easiest place to close off in the entire hotel. In the pool, there is a habboefag game called Wobble Squabble. This game costs Habbo credits to use and is full of habboefag fail.


Wobble Squabble is located in the main menu of the Public Rooms.


Like almost all public rooms, the NPC change everytime an update to Habbo is made. Emma is the current NPC in this area.

Notable Features

  1. The bottom of the waterfall looks remarkably like a peenus. Lulz can sometimes be had by pointing this out.
  2. In the middle of the pool, there is a floating raft made orange and yellow colored circles that have arrows on them. This is used for the habboefag game that this place is named after, "Wobble Squabble".

How to Close Wobble Squabble

Wobble Squabble is fairly easy to handle.

  1. Entrance. Two nigras is all you need.
  2. Pool ladder. Only one nigra needed here.
Lol, floating arows? WTF
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