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When: February 26th 2010.

Where: US Server (habbo.com). ONLY!

Attire: Regular nigra attire.

Time/Login: (6:00 PM EST, 11:00 GMT)



  • SwastiGET - MISSION COMPLETE! Completed SwastiGETs: 5
  • Make habbofags an hero - MISSION COMPLETE! Reported Deaths: 9001
  • Hit mutliple rooms - MISSION COMPLETE!
  • Make the all mighty Afroduck happy - MISSION COMPLETE!


  • To see what we can do on a short notice - EPIC RESULT
  • To test new nigra tactics - EPIC RESULT
  • For the lulz

Media And Log


Videos of Raid:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyNAFQHbFA8 - Dj 801 Baleeted

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjdTK1Vq-90 - zzzzac1 Channel got suspended.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahc5NiRNv3Q - attackoftehafros

Gallery of Raid Pictures: (click to enlarge)


  • 5:40pm Everyone going to LolzAnderson's Nigra HQ that has phished habbofag shit
  • 6:00pm Raid Started
  • 6:02pm We hit the pool
  • 6:36pm Epic wall at the pool
  • 6:40pm Wall breaks down
  • 6:43pm Wall gets form in diff place
  • 6:55pm Mods are coming in pool we go into Library
  • 7:00pm SwastiGET is trying to be form in Library
  • 7:05pm Mods come in Library we go to Sun Terrace
  • 7:07pm Wall build in Sun Terrace
  • 7:10pm We go to Habbo Mall
  • 7:16pm We flood and then go to Lido 2
  • 7:19pm Go to Theaterdome and fill all seats
  • 7:25pm Fill up all of the stage
  • 7:30pm We go to Cinema
  • 7:40pm Everyone gos to Lido 1
  • 7:43pm SwastiGET is getting form
  • 7:47pm One arm away from a SwastiGET
  • 7:54pm Some Nigras go to the Info Bus but went to pool
  • 7:56pm SwastiGET at pool
  • 8:00pm Second SwastiGET at pool
  • 8:10pm We go into Club Massiva BIG WAITING LINE
  • 8:31pm Nigras start to go in Ice Cafe
  • 8:39pm Form a Cluster
  • 8:45pm First Cluster starts to break down
  • 8:46pm Second Cluster Formed
  • 8:48pm Nigras wondering Ice Cafe
  • 8:53pm Tons of Nigras getting b&
  • 9:07pm Raid is Offical-y Over... GAME OVER YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!1


Very good for a tiny raid. In the end...

Raid Lasted: 3 hrs 7 mins

SwastiGETs Failed: 3

Completed SwastiGETs: 5

Half Ass SwastiGETS: 2

Nigras/Communists participated: over 250

Public room raided: 6

Mods spotted: 1

Closed the Hotel?: No

Overall: Epic Win for a small raid