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With the retirement of most veteran nigras and Pool's Closed stepping back from its longtime role, 47chan has taken up the cause of closing pools and trolling en masse, primarily in Habbo Hotel. Longterm success is uncertain but there is potential.

47chan is a Wakaba imageboard.




  • /b/ - Random
  • /de/ - German
  • /habbo/ - Habbo Hotel
  • /mu/ - Music
  • /sug/ - Suggestions
  • /pr0n/ - Pornography
  • /disc/ - Discussion BBS


  • /a/ - Anime
  • /css/ - Counter Strike: Source
  • /ent/ - Entertainment (formed after merger of /games/ and /m/)
  • /games/ - Game Discussion
  • /gmod/ - Garry's Mod
  • /hl/ - Source Engine Video Game Discussion (formed after merger of /gmod/ and /css/)
  • /m/ - Movies
  • /p/ - Oekaki/MS Paint
  • /i/ - Insurgency

Planned, but never created

  • /gmod9/ - Garry's Mod 9 (Server never worked for some reason)
  • /pol/ - Politics, Economics, Sociology and the News (Nobody knows anything about this shit)

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