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Habbo Hotel is a deceptive pit of AIDS and hate crimes. It is the supreme manifestation of fail on our internets. AIDS, FAIL and racism are the prevalent elements of this "game". As a nigra it is your duty to close the pool and stop the spread of AIDS and lag up the place as much as possible thus pissing off the MODs and habbofags alike.

Made by Sulake, it is the battlefield where Nigras, MODs, Habbo Xs and Habbofags collide.


Drop-off points, go forth bravely

Hotel IPs

  • Habbo English:
  • Habbo Germany:
  • Habbo France:
  • Habbo Italy:
  • Habbo Sweden:
  • Habbo Spain:
  • Habbo Switzerland:
  • Habbo Norway:
  • Habbo Netherlands:
  • Habbo Brazil:
  • Habbo Denmark:
  • Habbo Finland:


  • With an average of 20,000 (HOLY SHIT) habboes online at once, Habbo Mexico is the most populated and most AIDS-infested hotel.
  • Habbo US is usually the second most populated, but has the most nigras. Habbo UK has quite a few soldiers too.
  • If you want to arrange a raid on a certain country, post at 47chan.
  • Some are not important enough to stand alone and may be merged with others, such as the New Zealand one pointing to the Australian one.
  • With an average of 100 habboes online at once, Habbo Russia is one of the most least-populated hotels.
  • Sulake is planning spread its AIDS by making new hotels in places like Poland and many other innocent countries.
  • The Chinese Habbo was closed due to Communism AIDS getting out of control and backfiring on the Sulake Company.
  • Japan is was fun to raid. They're too polite to complain about you, or sometimes even to ban you, that is if you can even understand them. Crazy shit desu ^_______^
    Habbo Japan is now combined with the failure of Habbo U.S.
  • Mods muted the hotel because of pedos from June 13-18, 2012. After that, you were allowed to speak, but only a limited number of words were allowed to be said, and you would have to take a quiz before being able to speak.

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