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This is what happens when you go into the pool
AIDS is an incurable viral infection that is spread through the exchange of bodily fluids.  There are many rumors that AIDS can not be transmitted through video games and that it is impossible to get AIDS from a virtual swim.  These myths are propagated by Sulake and the mods of Habbo Hotel.  In fact, 95% of all AIDS infections can be traced to the swimming pools and other various facilities of Habbo.  Unfortunately, many Habbofags believe these rumors to be true, and despite the valiant effort of nigras everywhere, continue to get into the infected pools of Habbo.



  The pools in habbo hotel are filled with AIDS, which gave birth to the mutated StingrAIDS, but where did they all come from? Many brave nigras have fought boldly to unveil the truth about where the AIDS come from and now the secret is finally out... MOD-Cleo, the nigras number one enemy, uses her penis to make sure none can survive. To help the spead of AIDS, Cleo has given them to other AIDS infested creations, such as Janis, to spread the AIDS. Now it is known that everything from habbo comes from Cleo's penis therefore the whole of habbo is contaminated.      

AIDS?  In my pool?

      If you suspect that someone might have been placing the deadly AIDS virus into a pool, the first thing you should do is contact your local nigra squad immediately.  Nigras will arrive on the scene to create a /b/lockade to prevent the disease from spreading.  Anyone who was in the pool during the time of infection will have already caught the virus and should become an hero immediately. AIDS can cause you to look like a (if you are exposed to the pool for too long) manwoamen, for proof see MOD-Omega       AIDS.jpg