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The servants placed by MODs to carry out the distribution of AIDS as well as cover-ups and anti-nigra propaganda.


The LemonAIDS Vendor

Name: Janis
Apparent Gender: Female
Location: Habbosphere Pool Deck
Stated Mission: Service with a smile :)
Real Mission: Spreading AIDS through the pool and lemonAIDS.
Status: Missing

Summary: Likely the favored NPC of MOD-Cleo, closest to an NPC arch-nemesis for nigras. Thankfully observed to be confined to her vendor booth. One of her common phrases she states if your using shout, is "don't shout, I'm delicate" This however can be countered by saying "don't delicate, I'm shout" right after they say say their phrase, thus producing lulz.

Janis vanished in the big 2008 update and was replaced by a whore named Zoe. Whereabouts are still unknown.


The (new) LemonAIDS Vendor

Name: Zoe
Apparent Gender: Female
Location: Lido Pool Deck - West
Stated Mission: Service with a smile :)
Real Mission: Spreading AIDS through the pool and lemonAIDS?
Status: Missing

Summary: Replacement for Janis. Stole many of Janis's phrases and even her motto as well as adding a few even more pathetic ones of her own. Mission is presumed to be the same as that of Janis. Zoe is currently missing since the recent upgrades to Habbo. She has been replaced by Chloe who is diffrent but still sells lemonAIDS


A roll comes with it...

Name: Alvin
Apparent Gender: Male
Location: Rooftop Rumble
Stated Mission: Don't look down...
Real Mission: Spreading AIDS through food.
Status: Missing/Replaced

Summary: Not one of the moar significant NPCs in the larger scheme, mostly annoying. Alvin is confined to his vendor booth at the back of the roof area. Promotes a few foods on a regular basis and says something about having to wait for a table. Alvin is known for not serving nigras, as he never has any chikinz. His alternate name is Kedo.


You have to haet him...srsly

Name: Scott
Apparent Gender: Male
Location: Wobble Squabble
Stated Mission: Don't look down...
Real Mission: Spreading AIDS through food.
Status: Active

Summary: Alvin's replacement. Stole most of his phrases. Seems to be even more clueless.


Maya the Squirrel Fucker

Name: Maya
Apparent Gender: Female
Location: Sun Terrace
Stated Mission: keeps you cool
Real Mission: Source of teh AIDS.
Status: Missing

Summary: The most potentially dangerous NPC. Maya could rank on par with many MODs if she were not trapped in place by the tree in Sun Terrace and frequently distracted by her "obsession" (Read, furfag) with squirrels. Maya has been identified as the "vendor" of AIDS. MODs collect the AIDS from her blue box she is always wearing and distribute them to the other NPCs and various other locations such as the pool.

Has also gone missing during the hotel upgrades.


Harry the Pitiful

Name: Harry
Apparent Gender: Male
Location: Welcome Lounge
Stated Mission: Happy to help
Real Mission: Unknown
Status: Active

Summary: Harry is considered to be a neutral NPC. Research has uncovered a history of resisting the plans of the evil MODs and a refusal to spread AIDS. He was eventually subjected to a concentrated "treatment" of AIDS which resulted in brain damage. He now spends his days walking around behind the welcome desk, announcing random events from time to time. With the help of at least 3 people, Harry can be removed from his desk area, but seems to be fearful of escape and will try to return as soon as possible.

Evidence suggests there may have been good reason for his fear of leaving the desk. At some point in the recent changes Harry has vanished from the Welcome Lounge entirely.


Phillip the Racist

Name: Phillip
Apparent Gender: Male
Location: Flava Cafe
Stated Mission: Hey. I'm Phillip.
Real Mission: AIDS in food, as well as racism.

Summary: Another NPC created to put AIDS into Habbo food. Runs Flava Cafe and is probably the most racist NPC of all. He has been nominated for Grand Wizard of the KKK for two years straight, but has failed due to his faggotry.

Bilbo & Marian

Lol emofags

Name: Bilbo
Apparent Gender: Male
Stated Mission: Serving you *sigh*
Name: Marian
Apparent Gender: Female
Stated Mission: Yes?
Location: Club Massiva (Lounge)
Real Mission: Being depressed.

Summary: These two emo-goth-fags run the Club Massivca Lounge, the considerably moar boring half of Massiva. Bilbo is depressed to quite an extreme level while Marian is less depressed but still very much emo and claims to know Madonna. Their exact intended mission is unknown but it may have something to do with razor blades. Nobody will be surprised to learn if they both become An Hero anytime soon.



Name: Ariel
Apparent Gender: Female
Location: Ice Cafe
Stated Mission: Kooky but a lil nice mixed in
Real Mission: Serving AIDS-laced drinks

Summary: Ariel is a strange grey-skinned (Read, AIDS-Zombie) NPC who runs Ice Cafe. She serves drinks with AIDS mixed in them.


Illegal immigrant

Name: Skye
Apparent Gender: Female
Location: Rooftop Sky Lounge
Stated Mission: Excuse me, I was just crunching on an ice cube
Real Mission: Spreading AIDS through coffee

Summary: Skye is a greasy Mexican (or somewhere around there) that serves you up her AIDS-contaminated, hometown-made coffee. She wants to start the spread of AIDS at the top of the hotel so that it will easily spread downward.

Gino & Carlo

Pizza defilers

Name: Gino
Apparent Gender: Male
Stated Mission: The Master of Pizza
Name: Carlo
Apparent Gender: Male
Stated Mission: Pizza chef
Location: Palazzo Pizzeria
Real Mission: Making AIDS pizzas.

Summary: Gino and Carlo are the pizza chefs of Habbo Hotel. Gino is rather egotistical and complains about the pizza being scared if you shout near him. Carlo is not of particular note other than having perpetually broken the cash register. They also have a hidden basement that leads to their secret sex chamber where unfortunate habbofags end up if they don't pay for their AIDS infected food. Another hidden fact is that what Habbos think is cheese on their pizza is actually Gino's dried jism from his daily fapping.


Name: Chloe
Apparent Gender: Female
Stated Mission: I keep cool by the pool.
Location: Lido Deck I
Real Mission: Infecting the pool with AIDS and serving lemonAIDS.
Status: Active Summary: Chloe is the new lemonAIDS vendor.She appears to be slightly less intelligent then her previous as she continues to say "Yes?" 3 or 4 times in a row.