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There be the other pool.

This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



Lido Pool Deck - West is a second pool added in late 2008. It is also ridden with AIDS and for some reason seems to be more popular. It is about 95% the same as the original pool.

If there are already sufficient nigras present to close the pool during an organized raid, go to another location and close it, like Wobble Squabble. The pool is now often used as a ban trap by MODs.


Lido Pool Deck - West is located in Public Rooms -> Parks + Outdoor Areas.


Zoe is the NPC native to this area. Not much is yet known.

Notable Features

There is a second half which often tends to be neglected. There is a duck statue which, with the help of a nigra, can be formed into Afroduck. There are also changing booths that can be blocked so that habbofags can't get into the booth to change, and therefore not be able to go in the pool in the first place.

This room has two sections to it, so most of the time, when a MOD is called to ban people, they will just ban the people in the first section.

How to Close The Pool

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

Lido Pool Deck - West is one of the most difficult yet certainly the most flexible and interesting to close off.

  1. Entrance. Forming a wall here is easier than getting a proper box around the pool ladder and it pisses off habbofags moar. Don't forget the back corner of the LemonAIDS stand. Requires 6 nigras.
  2. Duck statue. A nigra must stand behind it facing the bottom of the area to properly form Afroduck, the Lord of the Nigras. This role is the one time a nigra should not be dancing.
  3. The pool ladder. Now requires a boxGET of 7 Nigras to /b/lock. This position is now useless because, first off, habbofags can go around the other way, and, second, it requires more people to block then just blocking off the whole place.
  4. The arch is the key /b/locking point to shut down the high dive section. You have two choices: 1) A 6-nigra boxGET and one nigra to occupy the diagonal space or 2) A 5-nigra wall just inside the arch. Positions for the wall are marked by the blue x's. The most crucial pool ladder in the high dive section is also here. The pool in the other section can be accessed through here so don't miss this one!
  5. High dive landing pool. There is no point in blocking this one, as habbofags can still get out of it when being blocked, and no one can get into it.
  6. Yet another ladder. You know wut to do.
Fucking AIDS. Everywhar.
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