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MOD-Cleo is a racist moderator who bans nigras. She has an account on Habbo US & Habbo CA. She is also fat and she likes to go in the pool because there's some bear cum in it. As of right now, MOD-Cleo usally does the morning shift, usually around 7:00 - 10:00, but be careful all morning just to be sure. Because of her racism and experience, she is probably the most likely MOD to give IP Bans, but usually just gives Shockwave bans. She was apparently fired from her job.

Note: Her Userpage on Habbo US has been "hidden", meaning she made it so that no one except her can see the homepage.

"Her" name, address and phone:

Jody W. Schultz

1167 Monticello Rd
Lafayette, CA 94549-3023
(NigraNet satellite view)

(925) 284-1167

She likes unusual situations

Use your imagination photoshop and make m0ar