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NOTE: With the new Flash-powered Habbo Client, Shockwave is no longer used in Habbo. I do not know if Flash Bans are possible, but if they are, then simply reinstall Flash. More info sooner or later.


A Shockwave Ban is when your Shockwave ID gets banned from Habbo. Usually, you will just get your account banned, and nothing more, but if you run into the wrong Moderator at the wrong time, you may get a more severe ban, such as a Shockwave Ban. Most of the time, you will get your Shockwave ID banned along with your Account, but sometimes they just ban your Shockwave ID, meaning that your account can't go onto the client.

To see if you have a shockwave ban, close your internet and re-enter it, and then go to back to Habbo and create a new account (or login using an already-made account). After you have made your new account, go into the "client" and wait for it to load. If it comes up with a message saying that you are banned, this probably means that you have a shockwave ban.

How to get unbanned

To get rid of a shockwave ban, you must uninstall, then reinstall your shockwave program.

1. Is is suggested that you clear all "cookies" in your computer related to Habbo before going on, but most of the time, you won't have to do this step.

2. a. First, you must delete your Shockwave program. You can do this manually by deleting the files, but an easier way to do this is to first go to this link to get a stand-alone shockwave uninstaller that can be used multiple times:
After you go there, scroll down to the Shockwave section, then download the unistaller that applies to your internet. After you are done that, run the unistaller and it will quickly unistall your shockwave. The file you download can be used more than once so that if you get Shockwave Banned again, you can easily go to this the next time.

b. Another way to unistall shockwave is to go to Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Then, you find Shockwave and unistall it that way.

3. a. Now, you must reinstall Shockwave. To do this, you can go to this link:

b. Another way to do this is to now reopen the client on Habbo, and it will give you the option to download shockwave there.

If you have read through this, and it still keeps saying you are banned, then you either have a different kind of ban, or you fail at the internet.

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