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An IP Ban is when a Moderator of Habbo Hotel bans your IP Address.IP means Internet Protocol.

IP Bans are extremely rare, but some MODs might just give you one of them.

How to get Unbanned:

IP Bans are very hard to get rid of, but it is always possible. IP Bans may be able to get rid of by just deleting your cookies. However, if this doesn't work, another option is to change your IP Address. This might be able to be done manually, depending on your computer & your ISP, Internet Service Provider, but you might have to contact your ISP to request it to be changed. There are also some tools that can change your IP Address. You'll have to find those tools for now.

Another thing you need to know is that a IP Ban is different than a Shockwave Ban. Re-installing your Shockwave program will not fix a IP Ban, but you should always see if you have a Shockwave Ban before trying to change your IP Address.

Flash unbanner

Yea, credits to Script-o-matic.net for this. You will know if your flash banned because you will be able to log in on a diffferent account, you will be able enter client but when it loads, it will disconnect you. Just run this and you will be fine. I run it and it works excellent. Click here to download.

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