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Habbofags are regular players of the pedo-friendly game of Habbo Hotel! Yay!"

Sounds good right?

OR SO THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE THAT IS SULAKE WOULD HAVE YOU THINK. No, dear Nigra. It is not that simple. The pools that litter the charming "hotel" are filled to the brim with AIDS. And habbofags are the prey. The aids features something called 'Strand 137-d' which sends messages via the nervous system to hate anyone or anything that is from Africa. Thus resulting in a lack of cooperation towards the nigras.

It is a vicious game of circular hate. The MODs seek to contaminate the habbofags, the nigras quest to stop the MODs and in the confusion, the habbofags see nigras as the attackers.

So there you have it, a nigra's work will never be appreciated. But still they persevere. Nigras hope for a world where the pools are drained and gone, where the MODs have surrendered and where the habbofags will be saved.

  • Save the habbofags from the pool. Let none enter its AIDSy depths.
  • They hate being called habboes. NEVAR FORGET!

Specific Habbofags

Fags galore:

  • 123t.s. - lol permabanned, IP:, e-mail:
  • CartmanTV - Faggot that threaten us. He is a big habbofag.
  • logospoof - Faggot that is preaching Habbo Mod propaganda.
  • gman5998
  • Duncan
  • -DZ-
  • Abby327
  • Generalman1
  • FaiL - A faggot who was banned from Poolsclosed. Sources say he is over 20 years old, works at a local UPS shipping center where he masturbates furiously and wipes his hands on the packages he delivers, inturn spreading the AIDS virus more. Also one of the head faggots on Was also banned from Habbo and now goes by the name of "Touching", as in touching his genitals with a cattle prod.
  • joecoolstar - hasn't been online since 14-12-06. suspected to have runaway or become an hero.
  • TheLostCup - IP:, e-mail:, IRL name: Alex Wuori, phone number:
  • pinktooth21 - lol 2 HC accounts
  • x:christina:x - Lulz big habbo fag
  • Naruto225 - "raided" wiki and PC, huge faggot. - anyone wanna buy viagra?
  • ..Harlz..
  • Agent-Evil-Dude
  • Exposen - - - A habbofag who claims hes gunna give us all aids OHNOES!
  • Fictionlove- [with the -]
  • Tomise: (UK Habbo) - claims that he is actually gay and he also wastes his mom's hard-earned money on Wobble Squabble, a gay Habbo game.
  • Habbo & Youtube username: bigdog8397
    • Email:
    • This guy is an epic failure
  • Habbo name: Joez324
    • Youtube username: naze445
    • Email:
  • Habbo name: Catherine5867
    • Email:
  • DarkAngel419 - Habbofag aids muffin, leaves real life girlfriends for habbofags that pretend they are witewimmenz for the lulz. He lieks to soak up in the pool and spread aidz through Habbo Hotel. IRL Name: Tommy Johnson,,
    • Email:
    • Phone number: 814-672-3907
  • espienews
  • ?:Soul:? - a racist emo habbofag who is an alleged member of the KKK.


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