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[[Image:Habbo_gym_plan.png|framed|center|Habbofags need to go find a RL gym...]]
[[Image:Habbo_gym_plan.png|framed|center|Habbofags need to go find a RL gym...]]
[[Category:Legacy Public Rooms]]
[[Category:Public Rooms (habbo.com)]]

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Habbofags work out? Right...

This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.



Habbo Gym is a very easy room to /b/lock and not the most commonly visited so you may not be harassed by MODs for a while.


Habbo Gym is located in the Public Rooms main menu.


Sven is the NPC in this area.

Notable Features


How to Close The Gym

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

Habbo Gym is easy. Even a newfag can do it.

  1. Entrance. Simple enough, only one nigra needed but you must be careful when positioning yourself; the marked place is an "exit" square (denoted by a green x). Click on the square and hold for 1-2 seconds before releasing and you will avoid being kicked from the room.
Habbofags need to go find a RL gym...
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