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It'd be nice if Scott would STFU.

This room no longer exists or has been redesigned significantly. Page is kept purely for historical purposes.


In the new Habbo Client, Wobble Squabble still does not exist, but may be added eventually.


Wobble Squabble, previously known as Rooftop Rumble, is the other other pool contained within Habbo Hotel. It is smaller and usually less crowded, but it remains easier to /b/lockade.


Wobble Squabble is located in Public Rooms -> Fun & Games.


To be a NPC for Rooftop Rumble, you must be Jewish. Currently, there is no NPC in this area.

Notable Features

The bottom of the waterfall resembles a peenus, especially if a habbofag is in the waterfall at the time. Point this out to them, it can be lulzy at times.

How to close Wobble Squabble

Note: The following guide is only included as historical reference. It is no longer possible to /b/lockade most rooms on Habbo.

Wobble Squabble is one of the pleasantly easy areas to close off, requiring a minimum of one nigra to close the pool and only two more to close the entire roof.

  1. Pool ladder, only entry for the rooftop pool. Just one nigra needed.
  2. Doorway, two nigras needed to /b/lock this and close off the entire room.
  3. Changing rooms. Wait till a habbofag enters then get a nigra in front of each room. They'll never get out.
Yeah, rooftop pool's closed bitches!
Habbofag in the pen0r waterfall.
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