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Due to circumstances two raids have developed. The official raid organized by Pool's Closed and another started by some random anons.


Pool's Closed Raid: Just for the Lulz

This will be a fun raid just for the lulz, hopefully the epic lulz

When: Sunday, July 12, 2009

What to wear: Standard Nigra Outfit

Where: Habbo U.S and Canada

Time: 5:00PM Eastern (don't forget the daylight-savings bullshit)/ 9:00PM GMT

Our Goals:

  • Not arriving on the Canada servers at 8:15am EST in full Afro uniform alerting mods of your presence and thus depriving others of what little lulz can still be had from this dead horse (you know who you are, faggots).
  • Block shit.
  • Piss off habbofags.
  • Raep lolis in the daycare.
  • Hijack all available planes.
  • Lulz.

Only newfags need rules

Unofficial Anon Raid

When: Sunday, July 12, 2009

What to wear: Standard Nigra Outfit


Time: 3:00PM EST

Video:*Promotional video

Our Goals:

  • Block all Public Rooms with Pools.
  • Block all other Public Rooms, however the pools are more important.
  • Annoy the crap out of habbofags in the Guest Rooms.
  • KILL ALL MODS. Or at least make them want to kill themselves.
  • Lulz. Epic lulz.
  • Also, get lots of video recordings or pictures of the raid. The lulzier the video or picture, the better. Upload your pictures on to Nigrapedia, and upload your videos on to Youtube.
  • Show Habbo Australia that it's not OK to be Australian.


  • Do NOT raid early. Early raiding only gets the mods out earlier.
    • Reconnaissance is no excuse for early raiding.
  • Make more than 1 account for moar epicness and better blocking. To know how to do this, please see the following Youtube video:
  • Make sure the MOD list for your LOLToast's Raid Tool is up to date. To learn how to add MODs to the MOD list, see LOLToast's Raid Tool v7
  • If you see your fellow Nigras start to disappear one by one suddenly, get out of the room quickly. This usually means a MOD is present, and you should wait a minute or two before going back in.
  • If you have to leave a room you are blocking, try to make sure a fellow Nigra is there to immediately take your place.
  • Spice it up a little. Utilize Communists. They are there for our support.

Prepare for glory, for tonight we dine in Habbo!

Gallery of Fail

Gallery of Win

Videos of WIN.

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