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Guest Rooms, also known as Private Rooms, are the privately "owned" rooms in Habbo Hotel, unlike the Public Rooms, which are "owned" by the Management directly.

There are usually a ton of really gay rooms with roleplaying, especially "armies" and "beds and tubs" rooms, the latter of which are made solely to enable "hawt" habbo-on-habbo shacking up, resulting in AIDS being passed around even faster.

Guests rooms are dividing into different types, similar to how Public Rooms are categorized.

  • Unlike Public Rooms, you can be kicked by another person in that room if he or she has "rights".
  • "Rights" allow to move virtual furniture and kick others.
  • Also, the owner can kick and ban for up to 24 hours if he or she is present in the room at the time.
  • If a person has "rights", but is not the owner, they can only kick you, but not ban you, so you can keep coming in to annoy the crap out of them until they give up.

Guest Room Entrance Problem

In Habbo US, an update happened in early 2009. With this update, the entrances to Private Rooms changed dramatically. Now, if you are standing at the tile closest to the entrance door, or the two tiles to the left right of that one, people can walk right through you, meaning that you can't block Guest Rooms with one person anymore

This change was partly bad because now Nigras couldn't block Guest Rooms nearly as easily, but this change was also partly good because it created even more confusion for habbofags, especially new ones. Now, habbofags complain even more (yep, it is possible) about things like this, and get really pissed off really easily, which means that they will most likely get pissed off with Habbo easily and get MODs and other habbofags annoyed.
[picture example soon of entrance tiles]

Muy Raidable Guest Rooms List:

  • Add a room onto this list if you think that the certain room is very "raidable", meaning you get many lulz from raiding the room, and the owner of the room is not usually present (so you can't be banned).


Search for Nigra
Go to room Nigra Hut (not real room, just example)
Reason: Popular place, many people to annoy, shit like that.


Search for Roman-Empire
Go to room Roman Empire
Reason: Faggoty "army", owner is never around, bunch of newhabbofags to torment.

Search for USA Toughest Prison
Go to room USA Toughest Prison
Reason: Blockable, to block block the three gates and deny habbofags entry to the jail to stop them from spreading AIDS through butt rape.