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There are many different avatars created to help the Nigra cause, some lulzy, some gay. The purpose of this article is to catalog many, if not all, known avatars used by the Nigras to inflict massive lulz on the denizens of Habbo.

Top Nigra Appearances


Rapin' lolis, eatin' fried chicken, desu~

The basic Nigra appearance is the most popular, most lulz, and most effective weapon in our arsenal. Anyone who says they are tired of both the Nigra and Communist appearance is a n00b. Nigras peeve Habbos so much because of the basic fact that nearly all Habbos are racist honkies. I'm not even kidding and writing propaganda here: from raid experience, Habbos are quick to call Nigras "niggers" or worse (ex, "dirty niggers," and one Frog even called us "the Jackson Five"!). It's obvious that Mods will ban anyone who is black when Nigras are around, leading to collateral damage to regular habbofags.

However, this was all known when the Nigra avatar was first created; those pioneers knew that to really get under Sulake's skin, the rain avatar would have to be something that would really offend their sensibilities; nothing short of a black man in a fine suit and a huge afro does the job so well. The Nigra also has the sole responsibility of creating an Afroduck by standing in back of the duck statue and using his afro to fix said statue.



When the mods began to auto-ban Nigras on-sight, the Communist was invented to combat their racist ways. Dressed in red with a fur hat, these bearded Ruskies can be a great help on any raid. They have almost as much lulz as nigras, and seeing a huge commie cluster fuck is truly a sight to behold. However, new information has proven that Sulake may also ban commies, demonstrating their fascist discrimination.

The key to a good Communist is his fur hat and big facial hair--either a beard or handlebar mustache. Also important is red clothing--usually not only a red button-down military shirt, but also red pants and shoes. Some add a belt to the avatar, but it's not an important accessory. Like the Nigra, there is some room for experimentation/ customization, if not more. Just be sure to always have the fur hat, beard or mustache (the big, fancy one, not the little one), and at least a red shirt. MOTHERLAND!!

Specific Raid Attire

Rasta Man

It's awwwwright!

Rasta man probably came about as a variation on the classic nigra, but his Jamaican flavor of lulz helped him become a more mainstream appearance. Unlike the nigras' Armani suits, the rasta man is dressed casually in a red t-shirt with olive shorts and wooden sandals; the big Rasta cap is the defining part of his appearance. Also, unlike typical nigras, he has a lighter skin color and a little goatee (not to be confused with goatse!).

Rasta man usually ends up turning up occasionally on main raids by idiots who can't tell the difference between an afro and a rasta cap, but it's still all good usually. Rasta men can be good for smaller raids or special events; however, the rasta man does not have the same power as the Communist to fool the mods into thinking that the nigras have given up (that is, since he's still black, the mods will probably still insta-ban because Sulake are racist bastards). Still, his ganga-inspired hilarity makes him a valuable addition to the nigra arsenal.


Remember, remember...

One of the older alternate appearances for nigras, variations of the Epic Fail Guy/ Guy Fawkes have been around almost since the beginning (although this perfected form has not). Useful for November 5th raids and for performing the elusive V-get, he doesn't have quite as much lulz as, say, the Communist or Nigra.

Since anonymous's love affair with the movie "V for Vendetta" seems to have subsided a little, the EFG is used more rarely these days, usually for the previously stated applications or when Nigras are getting mass-banned for being black. However, since the Epic Fail Guy has such a distinct appearance, it usually doesn't take long for the mods to target EFGs, even though his appearance is lesser-known than our standard lineup. EFGs were used in the last parts of the epic mini-raid on 2-26-10.

Der Fuehrer

Right in Der Fuehrer's face!

A more recent appearance initially developed for the failed 4-20-10 raid (Hitler's birthday), Der Fuehrer has seen some popularity in the Nigra community, popping up again sparsely in the 7-12-10 raid by a few raiders, and by a group of the afterparty members for trolling some Deutchland habbofags.

The lulz in Der Fuehrer lie in his resemblance to Adolf Hitler, who is offensive to just about everyone on the planet for his crimes against humanity during World War II. Since Nigras have been using nazi imagry for quite a while (such as the swastiGET and spamming songs such as "Springtime for Hitler" and "Der Fuehrer's Face"), it is only logical that the head nazi himself would eventually get his own appearance.

As stated before, Der Fuehrer hasn't gotten much use yet, but will surely be used more and more in coming raids. We can only hope to see screenshots of an all-Fuehrer swastiGET someday--MAKE IT HAPPEN FAGGOT!

Other Avatars Used



Fritzl is based on an Austrian man of the same name who is now a world-famous sex offender. This appearance was used by our excellent German friends in a raid on Habbo DE. For more info, see the Fritzl article.

The Fritzle avatar features pale skin (from spending so much time in his basement bunker jail cells), moustache, sleepy eyes, messy hair, and slippers. This appearance is little known by non-German raiders, but thanks to our Deutsch brothers, perhaps more will learn of the epic raid.

Islamic Terrorist


An older and lesser-used appearance, probably created for one of the 9/11 raids, nigras using the terrorist appearance still pop up here and there in raids to this day. Although far from a perfect appearance (we've all probably seen Habbofags dressed similar to this), seeing him during a raid is still somewhat lulzy, even though there probably won't be any more 9/11 raids (at least not any ones filled with win; sadly, people seem to have already forgotten about the terrorist attacks).

It is unknown if the jihadist appearance will be very useful, but he will probably continue to see some use here and there. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been an all-Islamic Terrorist raid.

Epic Beard Man


Epic Beard Man is an old man who beat the stuffing out of a drunk black guy who was hastling him on an AC Transit bus, and has subsequently become a meme in and of himself. Go look up the video "I AM A MOTHERFUCKER" or "AC Transit Bus Fight" on YouTube and watch with giddy delight as this aging Viet Nam vet shows how awesome he is.

Although as Nigras it would be easy to side with the black man on this issue, said black man was not exhibiting nigra-like behavior and subsequently got shown his place. In Epic Beard Man's own words, "Hey, I ain't a racist--you could be a Chinaman for all I care!!" Words to live by, Epic Beard Man, words to live by...

The EBM appearance has been used sparingly, since he hasn't been a meme for very long and the Habbo appearance has existed for even less time. It was once suggested that there be an Epic Beard Raid, which could have some good lulz in it, but has yet to be planned or acted on. It is unknown if EBM will become a popular appearance or not, or ever have a raid devoted to him.



Apparently a nigra with some unwarranted self-importance created this appearance to give himself a unique look on raids. This appearance is not to be confused with spies on raids, who are nigras dressed as habbofags who do not participate in the raid itself but instead look out for mods, document the raid with pics and vids, etc. (Also note that this practice is somewhat discouraged, as if everyone starts being a "spy" we won't have any nigras left on a raid. Plus, experienced raiders can both raid and look out for mods, or raid and document--it's not rocket science)

Spies are based on "The Spy", a soldier class from Valve's multiplayer game "Team Fortress 2" for PC, PS3, seXbox 369, etc. The spy wears a suit like James Bond, but talks with a French accent and wears a balaclava on his head in the color of his team (Red or Blu). To the best of my knowledge, few people have ever used the Spy appearance, and it doesn't have a lot of lulz unless you've played Team Fortress 2 or at least know about it. Nevertheless, if you like TF2 and want a custom appearance for an upcoming raid, be my guest and use the Spy if you want. Just keep in mind that an all-Spy raid might not have much lulz.

German Soldier


Taken from an old, somewhat gay appearance guide (in that it called nigras "AIDS Men"), this somewhat lulzy avatar was originally referred to as a "Nazi Soldier" (which he isn't--not all German soldiers during WWII were nazis--they were just fighting for the Fatherland). It is unclear if the German soldier was ever used on a raid before, but he may be a useful avatar someday--perhaps on a D-Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Hitler's Birthday (4/20) raid.

This version of the German soldier puts him in wehrmacht camouflage with a beret in place of a decent helmet. Copy the image exactly to get the right look--such as the odd face, and the blond hair ("Here comes the master race!!" Since this is the closest that you can get to a German soldier, it loses some lulz. Surely, though, a clusterfuck of German Soldiers should evoke some form of lulz. Just how much is something we will have to wait and see.




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