Getting Started in FOnline

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First up, download shit. Has links for client downloads and the updater.

Then you need some extra files.

Master and Critter files:

Faction file:

Unzip the client file then add the Master, Critter and faction .dat files to the folder. Then go to the FOConfig program in the folder and set things as needed. You have two IPs/ports to choose from:

RUSSIAN IP: : 4000

ENGLISH IP: : 2238

Most nigras are on the English server at present.

Once you have all the files set and configured, run the updater to make sure you have the most recent version of the client neeeded. To download the updater:

Once that's finished, launch the FOnline program and get started on a new character.

Extra Infos

Some additional things to help you get going.

The FOnline manual:

Additional notes, including faction names:

Beginning your adventure in the desert

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