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Habbo Chile and Habbo Spain redirect here, since all of those countries are merged with Habbo Mexico.



Habbo Mexico or Habbo Spain is the merged set of Habbo Hotels for the dirty, poor countries of Mexico, Spain, and Chile.


  • As of right now, the pool (see picture) is able to still be blocked by uno persono, without having to form a box.
  • For a wordfilter (bobba) list, see: Habbo Mexico and Spain Wordfilters

MOD List

This is the Moderator list this hotel. This country's hotel's IP has not been added to LOLToast's Raid Tool, so adding these names to the list won't do anything, yet. All the MODs have been found (13), but many more staff members have not been added yet:

More to come...

Note: Due to this country's Habbo being so popular, MODs are almost always on 24/7, sometimes 2 on at a time.

External Links

Habbo Mexico
Habbo Spain
Habbo Chile

Their pool, Calippo Beach. Mexico really is poor.
Looks like I got un baneado!


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