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The entryway which leads to AIDS. This must be /b/locked above all else to prevent access to the pool and it's many dangers.

On Habbo US you can no longer block Habbosphere Pool Deck (Rooftop Rumble's ladder can still can be blocked by one nigra) by standing on the ladder. You must now use box/line formation around it. This is entirely due to the activities of nigras, as less frequently trolled servers do not suffer this additional failure. If you feel the need to block the ladder in Habbo US, the easiest way to still block it is to form a box around the ladder. You need to have atleast 5 nigras to make this work right without fail.

Update: With the recent habbo updates, it is no longer possible to block at all--habbos can just walk right through you. Many habbofags may not know this, however; in any event, clusterfucking around the ladder can still result in lulz, but we should now focus on SwastiGET instead.