The Nigra Guide to Unconventional Warfare

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This guide's purpose is to aid newfags and oldfags alike in their conquest of Habbo, providing current, relevant information on the site and how to deal with it. Due to the rapid changes that Habbo has undergone, it is important to develop new means of raiding. That is why we as nigras must develop methods of unconventional warfare to fight the Habbo menace. There are those who thought that it was pointless to keep raiding once Habbo got rid of blocking; yet, we have succeeded numerous times. A strong will and a creative mind is necessary; hopefully, this guide will help to enlighten you and teach you the way of the nigra.

Before the Raid

Before you raid, you have a few important things to decide. Pick a good date, either a holiday or important date, or just chose one that's convenient. Talk to other nigras on IRC or Steam or something and decide on a time that's good for everyone. Make sure that the raid is, at the very least, a week in advance. Then, make a nice-looking raid poster and spam it on /b/, Krautchan, etc.

NOTE: A good raid poster has the time, date, the server (.com, .de, etc), and what outfit to use (usually just nigra and commie). It should also stress not to break rules 1 & 2, and should NOT say anything about this wiki or the site it came from. You do NOT want /b/tards screwing up this wiki.

Post that poster on any sites you think it should go on, and make a promotional YouTube video if the raid is big enough. Make it a response to some popular Nigra video, like the CGI version of the Great Raid of 2006. If you're going to make a raid promo video, it should be about two weeks or more before the raid, and works best for big raids like MLK, 7/12, and World AIDS Day.

Types of Raids

There are several different types of raids: small raids, big raids, and practice raids. This section covers how to make the most of each. It is important to know what type of raid you're getting yourself into so that you can know what to expect. A swastiget is a good accomplishment for a small raid; several full rooms and mass hysteria, even a crashed server is a job well-done for a big raid.

Practice Raids

Many nigras fail to realize that practice makes perfect. To learn how to swastiget and commieget, it takes time and practice to get it right. Practice raids are also useful for getting a feel of what to expect during a big raid, and how Habbo works (for those who haven't been on in a while). A practice raid can either be a small raid whose purpose is to teach newfags, or a "raid" in a private room to teach tactics to a group of recruits. Sometimes, it can be a little of both!

Small Raids

Small raids are when you know you don't have a big force of nigras with you. You need to be a lot more crafty during small raids than during big raids, since you probably won't get the kind of win that is shutting down Habbo's servers with such a small force. However, if you plan right, you can get a decent number of nigras, and even accomplish a swastiget or two. One successful swastiget is a sign of a job well-done for a small raid.

Big Raids

Really, there are only one or two big raids a year, 7/12 being the default big raid. World AIDS Day is typically the second-biggest. It really depends on the year and the amount of planning and propaganda. During a big raid, you can have enough nigras to brute force tons of rooms, spam the place up, shut down the servers, etc.

Good Raid Dates

It's important to respect the traditions that have come about for the nigras, and one of the most important traditions is raiding on specific dates, notably 7/12. These are some more good dates to raid.

  • Martin Luther King jr day (January; date changes every year)
  • 2/26 (date of a small, yet very epic raid)
  • 4/20 (although there has yet to be an effective raid on that date yet, it is both stoner day and Hitler's birthday)
  • 6/6 (D-Day, the invasion of Normandy by the Allies during WWII)
  • 7/12 (Nigra Christmas!)
  • 8/6 (Date of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima)
  • 9/11
  • 10/30 (Mischief night)
  • 10/31 (Halloween)
  • 11/5 (Remember, remember)
  • 12/1 (World AIDS Day)
  • 12/25 (Christmas)

Creating Your Warrior

One of the most important parts about being a nigra is looking the part! Knowing how to quickly make a new account, design your nigra, and get back in the battle after being banned is a crucial skill for anyone. It's generally a good idea to create ten backup accounts before a raid, so that you can fall back on them if/ when you get banned. You can just use a fake email, Habbo is too stupid to actually check them. Just get a piece of paper and write down the email addresses and the password for each (use a password just for Habbo to be on the safe side). Put your avatar in a suit, but change the skin tone and hair to something other than black in case Habbo bans all the nigra avatars. Then, all you have to do is put on the afro and change the skin to black and you're ready to raid!

Different apperances

Sometimes, even the hardiness of the nigra isn't what is needed to get the job done. It's at that time that we turn to some of his brethren. For more detailed information, you should check out the Appearance Guide; however, this section of the guide will attempt to describe each appearance and how to create that avatar to some extent.


The basic apperance used for nearly all raids. He's a black man with a black suit and a big afro. Very easy to make in Habbo. You can add the 3D glasses and the surgion's mask to make him an AIDS-proof nigra (cosmetic only, of course, since all nigras are AIDS-proof).


Red commies. This guy was created when it was realized that the mods often auto-ban nigras on sight (those racist crackers!). You make him by choosing the military shirt, straight pants, and round shoes, and making all three red. Give him the black fur hat and either the beard or the mustache. Typically, commies are allowed to raid alongside their nigra brethren on almost every raid.

Rasta Man

The easy-going, ganga-influenced Jamaican brother of the nigra, these Rastafarian mercenaries are always lulzy to see here and there during a raid. They wear red-orange open short-sleeve shirts with olive shorts, brown sandles, and of course the rasta cap (looks like an afro in the hat section). Give them the sleepy-eyes face and you're all set. Note that typically only Nigras and Communists should be used during raids; however, no one minds a Rasta Man here and there. Some raids may ask specifically for the Rasta appearance, such as the 4/20 raid.

Der Fuehrer

Perpetually offensive to practically every person on the face of the planet, this visage of Adolf Hitler is sure to offend; he was created for the 4/20 raids, but can surely be well-used in the future in other raids as well. To create him, choose the long-sleeve shirt with the pockets and make it tan; give him tan pants to match, and brown shoes. Don't forget to give him a medal and the biker mustache; top it off with the regular brown parted hairstyle.

Islamic Terrorist

Actually a rather old appearance used during the first 9/11 raids, he fell out of use for the most part. However, with a possible big 9/11 raid coming up, he's a good choice to offend everyone. Use the ski mask and the shirt that has wavy grey lines. Make his shirt, pants, and shoes black, and make his skintone sort of a dark orange. Jihad!

Raiding Tactics

This section covers the ways in which a win raid can be obtained during the raid itself. These methods have been proven to work and to produce massive lulz in the process.

Brute Force Room Clog

The Brute Force method is most useful on large raids. It means that you have a ton of nigras all go to one room and fill it up to maximum capacity. Whenever a habbofag leaves, another nigra enters until it's a room filled with almost 100% nigras. Smaller raids may be able to accomplish this in the smaller public rooms, or in private rooms.

The Brute Force method also refers to how the modern nigra brings down Habbo: by having so many nigras on the site at once, spamming it up, that it overloads the server and crashes Habbo.

Brute Force Spam

As mentioned in the above section, Brute Force Spam is when you have a room full of nigras and have almost every person using an autotyper (such as rsclient) spamming, spamming, spamming. I've seen rooms slowed to a crawl due to the use of this method, and it's very effective at screwing the whole site up.


A classic psychological warfare tactic, the swastiget is a classic dating back to the Great Raid of 2006. A swastiget requires a large room to make, as it requires a 5x5 square of floor to make.

Now, the thing about the swastiget is no one seems to be able to make one at all, new or oldfags. That's because the old method to make one was to start with the cross and then attach the arms. Problem is, no one can make the top right arm. To counteract this faggotry, the new, improved method is to start with the top right arm, make the top part of the cross, then the lower right, and so on. It helps to use a picture.

-pic goes here-

This new method should be practiced in practice raids until everyone can get it right.


This is an incredibly hard formation to get right, and it vaguely looks like a hammer and sickle. If you have a lot of time on your hands and some dedicated nigras, you can make one of these bad boys. It's recommended that you try it in a practice raid, as it has only been successfully accomplished during a practice raid.

Solid Wall Formation

This is an act of desperation on the part of the nigras in the room; if you can't get a swastiget and you don't have enough people for a brute force push on the whole room, line up your nigras in a straight line. Sure, people can walk right through them, but it is a somewhat-impressive sight to see a line of dancing nigras. However, this should only be used as a temporary measure until /b/lackup arrives, or another room is chosen.

Private Room Raiding

This is a relatively new tactic that should be used to take Habbo by surprise. It doesn't matter if it's a public or private room--nigras in rooms spamming it up can still bring down the site. The advantage of private rooms is that the mods never come, and only occasionally will a room ever be shut down (usually due to Habbofags trying to have cybersex in the beds). The room owners are pretty much never there, and very few people ever have rights. Even if they kick you out, you can just keep coming back! Only a room ban can keep you out, but with so many nigras flooding a room, it could just be a steady diarrhea flow of black men raping that private room. Raiding private rooms has only been done on a few occasions up until recently, and it may be the key to nigra dominance over Habbo.