World AIDS Day 2010

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Raid poster. Give it your /b/ros.

When: December 1st



Where: Habbo Germany

Time: 1 PM EST/6 PM GMT

Video: Propaganda


Thread on 47chan sadly has reached the point where it is too powerful for the now crippled nigras to handle. We must focus on other hotels. 9/11 will be skipped this year so we can make this an epic raid. Habbo Germany will be the target of this raid. Let the newfags do other shit if they want to. Germany has a server (with more habbofags) that is stronger than the other European countries, so we should organize ourselves and hope we can take this on as a target. Lulz will sure to be everywhere. Krautchan will be called for help by our German comrades (believe it or not, they exist). Fun fact: they are better raiders than us, as we learned in the Fritzl raids. Remember rules 1 and 2 newfags. Use Depasta!

Für die Deutschen