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The Great Raid of Habbo 2012:

When: July 12th, 2012 @ 4:00 PM EST


Where: English Habbo

Video: Propaganda

new PROPAGANDA video

47chan thread

7/12/12. Let this be a successful raid. Swedish pedophile Kimmo Alm once said, "START SPREADING THE FUCKING WORD", so spread the fucking word. Also someone put the propaganda picture on the front page. That would be much appreciated

The December 1st raid has been canceled.

Will you join the red army.jpg

Raid Summary


Several newfags/earlyfags were trolled on /b/ by some fake posters that were being spread around, and they started raiding about 2 hours early. There was also some practice rooms that contained many nigras, and a few SwastiGETs were formed in the rooms. Meanwhile, a mod named Amkilu found some earlyfags in the Welcome Lounge, and permabanned all of them.

During the raid

The official raid started out very good, a clusterfuck of nigras were gathered and spamming in the Welcome Lounge. Unfortunately, two Habbofags named .Deadpool. and Pixie.1337 were spying on the 4chan thread and stalking the nigras, and alerting a group of racist Mods to where the nigras were at, causing many rooms (including some rooms that belonged to fellow nigras) to be raided by the group of racist mods, and the mods permabanning all nigras that stayed there. Because of this, the nigras retreated to the Picnic room, where a swastiGET was formed. After the picnic, most of the nigras went to the Lido Deck.

Hotjcard-swastika.png Hotjcard-habbo-habbo-hotjcard-most-famous-habbo-habbo-fame-e-fame-hotjcard-hotjcard-fierycold-hotjcard-31785626-671-351.png

                                Nigras then began spamming "Pool's Closed" and eventually started creating swastikas in the pool.
                                hotjcard happened to be there and assisted in the organization and construction of the swastika. 
                                When the mods showed up, the Nigras along with hotjcard nearly escaped with their lives. 

The Nigras then headed to the "Habbo General Hospital". The Nigras then went to a room to plan where to go to next, but unfortunately, that room would later be raided by mods too, so the nigras raided a KFC room (one of the only good parts of the raid), and then when the spies and the mods appeared there, they went to the room "Indoor Swimming Pool", where several nigras ganged up on some girls at the pool showers (another memorable part of the raid), but unfortunately, that was ruined by mods and spies too. Then, the nigras went to several moar rooms to plan where to go to, but the 2 spies found out where the Nigras went, and the passwords for the rooms, and the mods raided all of the rooms, which caused the nigras to retreat to other rooms, and etc. The nigras went to the airport, however, no one blocked a part that was needed to successfully block the room, so it was unsuccessful. The nigras then went to the beach, however, this raid was very weak, and spies ruined it yet again. The raid ended up becoming VERY disorganized and uncoordinated, and not too many were in the IRC room. Also, during the beach raid, the official 7/12 thread on 4chan ended up 404ing, and that unofficially marked the end of the raid. Many nigras then either started logging off, or were banned by mods. The raid officially ended at around 9:45 PM EDT/01:45 UTC.


The few remaining nigras did a few unsuccessful mini-raids. Some nigras went to raid Club Penguin, and caused some butthurt and lulz there, but the nigras got bored, and eventually just logged off, while the 3 remaining nigras raided the airport, and at around 11:30 PM EDT/03:30 UTC, they all logged off.